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Topic: Twitter

Why Twitter will survive: Television

This summer marked an important pop culture anniversary: It’s been 10 years since the first season of “American Idol.” A decade later, we can see that season wasn’t just a landmark for television. It was also an omen predicting the … Continue reading

Status conscious? Check out this social media flowchart.

Clever thoughts bubble up constantly, but what’s the right venue for all of them? Now you can consult this handy graphic to help make those hard choices among Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Dilemma solved!

Fox News Twitter account hacked

It must a terrible 4th of July for the FoxNews.com social media staff. This morning, hackers seized the Fox News political Twitter feed and sent out a string of false tweets claiming President Obama had been assassinated.

Topic du jour: Social media measurement

There’s been a lot of writing lately about how to measure the impact of social media marketing. Yet it’s still hard to find an opinion from somebody who doesn’t have a horse in the race. One reasonably objective article appears … Continue reading

“A hugely regrettable mistake”

Yesterday afternoon, the Twitter brand lost a little more goodwill, and became a little more of a cliché. Too often, people looking at Twitter from the outside see it as a club of losers. Losers like Rep. Anthony Weiner. After #Weinergate, can … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE! I can see your Weiner

A wise, gray newspaper editor once gave me this advice about writing: “Don’t make fun of people’s names. It’s too easy, and it’s not fair.” I plead an exception for Anthony Weiner.

The case for a Twitter-LinkedIn merger

Let’s be honest about Twitter. The bad press isn’t just bad press. Loyal Twitter users have grown accustomed to buggy features, promises unfulfilled, a rise in noise, and a decline in innovation. If you don’t already use Twitter, there’s no … Continue reading

Social media, 1993 style

Wheat Thins has been running a social media and TV campaign called Crunch Is Calling. These ads are cute and the campaign has good buzz among social media bloggers. But the concept is more stale than most people realize. Continue reading

Worst marketing tweet ever?

I doubt designer Kenneth Cole personally writes the strangely dumb tweets (and the long-running ad campaign) attributed to his name. He has a staff. Nevertheless, he had to take responsibility yesterday for what may be an all-time low for his brand. Continue reading