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Getting paid to write is so 2012

Lately, many of the best blog posts I’ve seen being shared online are hosted on a new platform called Svbtle. What is this site and how do they get so much good content?

Do one thing? Or do everything?

Is it better to do one thing, or do everything? When you call yourself a copywriter, you declare writing to be your specialty. Plenty of us get even more specific: Direct marketing, or digital, or broadcast, or SEO. Specializing is … Continue reading

Is your keyboard holding you back?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about computer keyboards. All of my creative output is transmitted through a computer keyboard. Don’t I deserve a really excellent one?

Liars, and how to spot them

I was had by Mike Daisey. When “This American Life” aired an excerpt from his monologue about working conditions in the Apple factories, I believed every word. I shared it with friends. It was an amazing, thought-provoking angle on modern … Continue reading

10 ways to refocus when you’re stuck

Copywriting is sometimes fun, but often frustrating and rarely easy. A writer feels pressure to be creative on demand every day, and to stay focused amid a swarm of distractions. Here are some tips that might help you get back … Continue reading

Hit ’em with the squid

Last year Rolling Stone published an investigation by Matt Taibbi that began with one of the greatest leads in recent memory. It’s the one that defined Goldman Sachs as a “great vampire squid.”

Holiday gift guide for writers

Be thoughtful to the writers in your life when giving gifts this holiday season. Presenting the 2011 Breaking Copy holiday gift guide for writers.

Recommended: Six authors who were copywriters first

What do F. Scott Fitzgerald, Salman Rushdie, Dorothy Sayers, Don DeLillo, Joseph Heller and Helen Gurley Brown have in common? They all worked as copywriters before achieving fame as authors. The Awl blog has a story by Nate Hopper outlining their paths to acclaim. Read it here: Six Authors Who Were Copywriters First.

Is Your iPad Ruining Your Writing?

From a post I wrote for The Hired Guns blog: Ask a writer to describe his or her favorite tool of the trade and you’ll probably get an earful. Some writers are loyal to a particular kind of pen or pencil. Some have a thing for typewriters. Personally, I fondly remember the old computer keyboards that had a satisfying snap to them, like the click of a switch. I like my keyboards loud. That clattering racket is the sound of progress! Which brings us to the iPad. Over the last year a lot of people have switched from carrying laptop computers to iPads. And that’s great. But despite all the things the iPad does well, it is a mediocre tool for writing. Mashing your fingers on that slippery, smudge-prone glass ranks among the least enjoyable ways to input text into a computer. You would probably have to ask a hundred writers to find one who enjoys typing on an iPad. Continue reading, "Is Your iPad Ruining Your Writing?"