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Parkour and French music in Target ad

I love everything about Target’s new “Color Changes Everything” TV commercial. It’s freaky, it’s unconventional, it’s French, it tells a story without words, and despite all this, it’s decidedly mainstream and mass-market.

I also assume it was hard to do: Choreographing a team of talented parkour performers, dressing them up in a dazzling wardrobe, with blending it all together with digital effects.

I sense I’m out-of-step in cheering for this ad, however. The ad was created by Weiden + Kennedy, and it might be the last of its kind. Target parted ways with Wieden & Kennedy last month, according to AdAge.

* * * *

Target is in a hard fight. Among discounters, JCPenney has earned buzz with a rebranding, and by hiring (and defending!) Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson. JCPenney, incidently, hired away Target’s last chief marketing officer, Michael Francis, last year.

Penney’s kicked off the Ellen campaign during the Oscars. Here’s one of the spots, by ad agency Driver.

You can see more ads on JCPenney’s YouTube channel, and creative credits at Creativity Online.

* * * *

What song is in the Target commercial?

“Allouette” by the The Delta Rhythm Boys.

Who created the Target ad?

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York
Director: Filip Engstrom
Creative Director: Ben Hughes
Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman and Mark Fitzloff
Creative Director: Julia Leach
Art Director: Mathieu Zarbatany
Copywriter: Andrew Jasperson
More credits via Best Ads on TV.

Who signed off on it?

I’m guessing Shawn Gensch, Target’s SVP, Marketing

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising

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  1. C . Saurine says:

    Hate this commercial. Annoying

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