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The Big Mac of cookies

Triple Double Oreos

Imagine yourself in the cookie aisle, torn between whether to buy Double Stuf Oreos or Chocolate Creme Oreos. At last, a solution appears: Triple Double Oreos. It seems that Nabisco put some of its top food scientists on this problem, and this is the result.

Photos of this mysterious new cookie (possibly just a test) leaked online this week, on Twitter and Reddit. There’s also a product listing on Amazon.

Great name. Stupidly simple. For what it’s worth, a triple double (6 of something) is a sextuple, but it looks like this product is three layers of cookie plus two layers of creme, which is 5 layers, or a quintuple.

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Bonus: There’s precedent to this. Here’s a 1990s-era TV ad for Pizza Hut’s Triple Decker Pizza:

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Marketing

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