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Wishing runners “a strong tailwind.”

Sometimes advertisers are asked to submit special ads for event programs, such as award shows, sports events, or conferences. The challenge is to take an existing brand and apply it to an extremely specific situation. I’ve had to write ads like these a few times, and it’s fun.

Here’s one from United Airlines that’s running in the 2012 New York City Marathon program. I think the writer did a great job with that line!

United Airlines ad: Wishing you a strong tailwind

Essentially all of the ads in the program are nice gestures of congratulations and goodwill toward athletes. (I’m not running the NYC Marathon this year but hope to run it next year.) But only a few stand out. This one from United — finding common ground between runners and pilots, wishing the wind at your back — really made me smile.

* * * *

Bonus: United’s ad team has done some good work supporting athletes before. Over the summer, you couldn’t miss those Olympic ads with the really excellent line, “Before they move us, we move them.”

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, Marketing

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