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Great moments in infographics (nsfw?)

“Heat stroke” takes on a whole new meaning in this infographic from the July 1 issue of USA Today.

USA Today Heat Stroke Sun Infographic

Yes, this is real. Some people see nothing dirty here. Others say the visual pun might be an accident. Baloney.

I’m convinced some designer wanted to sneak a picture of a hand job onto the weather page. Maybe they were acting on a dare, maybe they were miffed about the layoffs, or maybe they’re 13 years old. The one question I have is whether the editor who signed off on this was in on the joke, or just failed to see it.

Whatever the case, it’s real boner.

Hat tip to Charles Apple, who blogs for the American Copy Editors Society.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Infographics, News & Journalism

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