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Verizon’s hip song choice for an NFL ad

Verizon is currently running a commercial promoting the NFL Mobile service. The visuals are bold and simple—everyday people catch footballs falling out of the sky. A narrator says, “Football’s back” and briefly describes the product. But what makes this commercial really interesting is that strange and enchanting music!

Here’s the commercial:

(Link to the video on YouTube.)

The song is “Come Come” by The Suzan—described on their website as a “Japanese all-girl band” made up of “riot girls.”

I think it’s so badass that this song ended up in an NFL commercial. We know how hard it is to choose a song that pairs well with football—don’t call Hank Williams Jr.! Glad to see Verizon’s ad team was up to the challenge.

Who created this ad and who signed off on it?

I wasn’t able to find any creative credits for this commercial, sorry. If you know and want to share, write to breakingcopy@breakingcopy.com.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, Technology

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