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The Force is strong with this one

No copy necessary. Volkswagen’s new Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial contains no dialogue—just John Williams’ “The Imperial March”—and it’s perfect.

Plainly the best ad of 2011 so far. And while I’m impressed they got the Star Wars license from Lucasfilm, I’m more impressed by how expressive the kid in the costume is. Which is the point. I bet you didn’t watch this clip and connect with mom and dad—you connected with the kid. The dad in this spot is the right age that he played Star Wars growing up, too. And the 2012 Passat is his childhood imagination realized: He’s in control of his own life and can make things happen he once would have considered magic.

The ad, called “The Force,” will run 30 seconds in the Super Bowl. The shorter version cuts out a few shots, including the mom sliding the kid the sandwich. (So good!) The clip above shows the better 60-second version.

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Who created this ad? Deutsch LA, under CEO Mike Sheldon.

Who signed off on it? Tim Ellis, Vice President of Marketing, Volkswagen of America, Inc

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— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising