Sunday, March 5, 2000. 10:20 p.m.

Several hours of driving in the morning before we reached Ely. Our first stop there was the International Wold Center. After walking through the exhibits, we went on a journey to track wolves wearing radio collars. We found none. But after dark, we went out again with Kim, a wolf center guide, this time to howl. On one howl, we heard return cries from a lone wold.

This was after moving into our cabin and cooking a meal of bean burritos. It's plush — full beds, kitchen supplies, two bathrooms, carpet and a campfire ring outside. Dave worked to round up the food and cooking utensils we needed. Paula was most enthusiastic about building a fire, but the van driving over the past few days has exhausted most of us. Tom made a pitcher of extra-strengh Tang. Tomorrow: We meet the dogs.