Dublin, Ireland, June 2010

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Howth, Dublin, Ireland

Saturday morning I rode the DART to Howth, a seaside peninsula at the north-eastern edge of Dublin.

National Transport Museum

Because I'm interested in vehicles, my first destination in Howth was the National Transport Museum.
Unfortunately, despite a sign saying the museum opened at 10:00, it was closed when I arrived.
It didn't look like much from the outside.

Howth Castle

On my way to the Transport Museum, I walked past this castle.

Howth, Dublin, Ireland

Howth has a beautiful and bustling fishing port.
The rest of the photos on this page are of Howth Harbor.

Howth, Dublin, Ireland Sailboats, Dublin

I'd never seen sailboats like these.
My brother is an ocean engineer, so I showed him this photo and asked him what they are.
He suggested they're a "gaff-rigged dinghy sloop" or "something like a Winkle Brig." Thanks, G!

Howth, Dublin, Ireland Howth, Dublin, Ireland

"Heed uneven surface notices."

Ireland's Eye

This green, rocky island is called Ireland's Eye.

Howth, Dublin, Ireland Howth, Dublin, Ireland

"May we be gathered in the nets of God."

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