Versaille gardens. Stunning.

Here's me at Versaille






Some enjoy walking around Versaille gardens. Then there are others.

Parking lot at Versaille. Look at all the quirky French cars!

Notre Dame

Rental bike computer kiosk. These things are everywhere and hugely popular. Think Netflix for bikes.

The Metro

The Metro

The view from my hotel window. What more could a railfan ask for?

Very clever bridge that's made from two inverted arcs

Sk8 or die!

A blader jumping a bike. This is a rental bike that had been wrecked.

Gare de Lyon has a great clock tower

Hotel de Ville

Can't get enough of those rental bikes

Boarding the TGV to Perpignan

Windmills! How Quixotic!

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© Daryl Lang / September 2007
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