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We received good service from Peru Treks, the tour operator that handled our Inca Trail trip. You need to book several months in advance. We had a good stay at the Hostal Rumi Punku in Cusco, which has modest rooms but a comfortable lounge area with free coca tea and Internet access.

Food-wise, we both grew to love tacu tacu, a seasoned rice and bean dish. I enjoyed ceviche, a concoction of cold seafood and lime juice; Gerritt was less impressed. Two (tourist-friendly) restaurants we really enjoyed were Trotamundos in Cusco and La Choza Nautica in Lima.

LAN airlines was a good choice for getting around Peru. We received poor service from American Airlines in Lima and Miami.

Recommended books:
Lonely Planet Peru
The Inca Trail by Richard Danbury
Lost City of the Incas by Hiram Bingham

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