Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 10:24 -0400 .

Mile 245, Bay Village, Ohio.

Daryl: We're staying tonight with my great aunt and uncle here in Ohio. We're 20 minutes outside of Cleveland, where we spend most of the afternoon..

The drive went well; we left State College at 7:30 a.m. and arrived here in just before noon. My dad and gramma are also here visiting from Maryland. The four of us and my dad road downtown this afternoon to visit the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame Museum. A fitting start to any Rock and Roll Road Tour, but also one that leaves me even more anxious to visit Graceland..

Tonight, we spent the evening playing croquet and throwing around a frisbee in the lawn. Some distant cousins of mine - Matthew and Marc, both about elementary-aged - joined in the fun..

Now, grass-stained and sweaty, we're taking time to revisit our route. After considering a visit to Cedar Point theme park, we realized it wasn't open tomorrow. So tomorrow, it's south to Kentucky. Stay tuned..

Quote of the day: "Daryl's grandmother is going to show them her bust." - My Great Aunt Lil, after Gramma pointed out a marble statue in her room. .

Brian: It is easy to know when you are at least twenty minutes into a road trip, because Ryan will be asleep. Daryl and I split the driving duties for today and, let me tell you something: when the music's blaring and the scenery is redundant, it's easy to forget about such trivial things as speed limits. Thank goodness the state of Ohio's finest have better things to do than watch for accidental-speeders such as I. Instead, they were executing rabbits. Let us hope the state's out west have equally preoccupied law enforcers....


Ryan: I am the greatest croquet player in the world!!!! Eat your heart out Tiger Woods..

Quote of the day: "Swab the poop deck!!" Mathew Brueggemann (5yrs old).

Food of the day: Angel food cake.

Event of the day: Daryl and I destroying Brian and Tim in Ultimate Frisbee.


Tim: The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame was all right. But a shrine to Bob Dylan is missing and needed. We're staying a couple of blocks from Lake Erie. Instead of dipping my feet in the water, I chose my head. Both were dirty. Best moment of the trip so far: Ryan gives Daryl a wedgy. Well time to sign off for the night.

-- Tim Swift, CNN, Cleveland

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