Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 11:06 -0400 Mile 662, Bardstown, Kentucky.

Ryan: I am an outlaw on the run..

Quote of the day: "Turn around boy, he's probably got a bigger pecker than you do!" Native Kentuckian speaking to Daryl on top of the giant 15ft Rooster..

Food of the day: Wienies roasted on sticks.

Event of the day: Today I drove first, about an hour into the trip State Troopr Shirey flagged me to the side of the road. Upon coming to our car he told me that I was exceeding the speed limit at 79 MPH...False! He told me to get out of the car and sit in the back seat of his car. There he read me my rights. I was then asked if we had any drugs in our posession, and he warned me that a canine unit would be coming shortly. I couldnt handle the pressure, I tipped him off about our 100 lbs of Cocaine. I write to you now from inside cell block 6....

just kidding mom, they didnt find anything and Officer Shirley let me off with a warning..


Brian:I drove the second part of our journey, through Ohio and on into Kentucky. Upon entering the Bluegrass State, I saw a man walking along the road wearing only one shoe. I slowed, sticking my head out of the window, and I inquired, "Hey, Kentucky Man! Have you lost your other shoe?" He shook his head, grinning, and replied, "Nay...I have found one!".

Kentucky is really quite a nice place. Aside from the hayfever problems I am experincing, I find it very peaceful and livable. Contrary to popular belief, they DO have running water here. Of only runs down hill! But you can't have everything, and Kentucky has plenty as it is. From Stephen Foster to...ticks, the list of blessings bestowed onto this little blue patch oh Heaven is nearly-though-not-actually countless (onone hand)..

Daryl: E-mail in the woods? Sure, why not? Kentucky has been pretty so far. We're in Bardstown, at My Old Ketucky Home State Park. We met Mike and Shirley, two British bicyclists who have stopped in this camp on their way to (where else?) Seattle. This morning, we cooked pancakes and eggs, and now we're off in search of some place with a phone jack -- a shame we aren't wireless yet..

Weather has been nice, a little rain yesterday, and plenty of stray water gun fire. When the law pulled us over yesterday, the first thing the police officer did was examine a squirt gun in the front door, and then set it back down. What a trooper..

Tim: Yes, this city boy is camping. I don't think I have been outside this long since I was 10-years old. But it's not that bad. There are lots of bugs and when it drizzled last night, I thought a carzed Kentuckyian was taking a leak on our tent. By and by the people are friendly (they urged us to ride the giant rooster) and the land is beautiful. Time to leave now. -- Tim Swift, CNN, Bardstown, Kentucky

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