Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 07:40 -0400 .

Mile 1046, Memphis, TN.

Brian: Let it be known that the Rock 'N Roll Road Tour has a "zero tolerance" policy regarding drivers who switch lanes without signaling appropriately. These offenders are subject to fifth-grade style punishments, and may notice what seem to be mirror reflections of themselves when we pass by. .

Daryl: The Graceland KOA, where we are now, has a phone connection. It might be the last chance to send e-mail for a while, since tomorrow's campsite in the Ozarks is a bit more remote. Yesterday, we filed an update from a copy center in downtown Nashville, a pretty city with a lot of deli's -- a great lunch spot. Our trip yesterday to downtown Memphis didn't compare. We saw the city's streetcars running and the giant Pyramid building, but not much else of interest..

Elvis Presley Boulevard is unimpressive. Window tinting shops, abandoned gas stations, pawn shops, cheap Elvis-themed hotels. Oh yeah, and the KOA. I expect a fun time as we tour Graceland today. And also an interesting drive as we move further west. Fewer Waffle Houses, probably..

Ryan: Qoute of the day: "The English are like bugs" Brian Waksmunski. Event of the day: Swimming in the mini pool at KOA. Food of the day: Beef Stew. Moon Count: 1 .

Tim: Graceland is cheap and cheezy just like Elvis. I hope we get to see the toliet where he died. -- Tim Swift, CNN, Graceland, Tennessee

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