Date: Thu, 11 May 100 22:19:29

Mile 2353, Gallup, NM

Daryl: Tonight, we mourn the death of our 1997-era Velo 1 handheld computer, killed by a crushing blow from the rear door of the Explorer. It served us well. We're filing tonight's dispatch from a public Internet terminal at a truck stop.

We've changed our plans to add a second night in San Fransisco, and cut Yosemite because all the campsites are already reserved. Not sure where we'll be that night in Calif, but we'll figure something out.

Tonight, we're at Red Rocks State Park, set among an enchanting desert landscape. But the winds are so fierce tonight, it's like camping underneath a helicopter. Luckily, we're far enough south that we're avoiding the serious wildfires in New Mexico.

For some good news: Tim and I learned today that we won the first place spot news award from the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association for a Daily Collegian story we wrote in November about a bus accident.

Times up. Talk to you soon. Sorry won't be able to receive e-mail on the road reliably, but thanks for all the messages we've already received.

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