A male lion lounging in the shade

The mane event
Fri. 8 Oct. 2004 - Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Baboon. Today was a full day of game driving on the Mara. We saw many animals, including several lions. In the morning, we had the option to pay $380 for a ride in a hot air balloon, but only two of the 20 people on the tour took up that offer.

The game drive took us to the Mara River, where we saw hippos and a giant crocodile on a short walk. (We were allowed to leave the truck at this place, but only with the protection of a park ranger armed with a rifle.) The drive back nicked through a small corner of Tanzania, where the Masai Mara changes names to the Serengeti. We watched some lions, who were watching a herd of wildebeests walk past them. We drove through a brief and beautiful rainstorm, gray clouds over yellow grasslands.

Lioness and cub.

Heard of animals.
A herd of antelope, zebras, and wildebeests

A vehicle of tourists stops to gawk at a lioness

Elephants wandering the Mara

Joshua. Back in camp, our slightly eccentric cook, Joshua, made us a dinner of traditional Kenyan food. Like most of the meals so far, it consisted mainly of beef, vegetables, and bread. I can't remember the names for all the foods, but it was a good, filling meal.

Street scene.
Shops outside the Masai Mara

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