Mt. Meru.
The second-highest mountain in Tanzania, Mt. Meru

South of the border
Sun. 10 Oct. 2004 - Nairobi, Kenya to Arusha, Tanzania

We left our hotel in Nairobi with our new guides, Wilfred, Abel, and Benedict, in a different, slightly smaller Guerba truck. The cast of characters has changed slightly; we lost six travelers from the Kenya trip, but gained five more new people.

It was a long drive to Arusha. We stopped at the border to have our passports stamped in Kenya and Tanzania. The drive took us past Mount Meru, the second highest peak in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro. We caught a brief glimpse of Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain through the clouds, but it wasn't clear enough to snap a photo of it.

The town of Arusha seems like the most affluent place we've seen on the trip. Our campsite is clean and has a nice bar with a high thatched roof, chairs made of bamboo and stretched animal skins, and chandeliers made from green and brown beer bottles. The popular beers are Tusker (a Kenyan beer), Safari, and Kilimanjaro (slogan: "It's Kili time").

Jacaranda tree
A blossoming jacaranda tree (spelling?) in camp in Arusha

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