Flapping in camp near the Masai Mara

What is flapping?
An explanation

Flapping is a key part of the Guerba tour, and is an odd practice born of necessity. Cooking for a large group uses plenty of dishes, and the dishes often must be packed away immediately after the meal. It's no good if the dishes are wet. And so, as part of our duties on the tour, we all grab a couple of plates or cups or knives after they've been washed and flail our arms around, thereby drying the dishes quickly. It really works. By the time the tour was over, we were expert flappers, and, I think, thoroughly sick of it.

Every body must flap.

It's also important to note that the Guerba vehicle is a truck. It is absolutely not a bus. Truck vs. bus.

Everybody together for lunch on day 1

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