Peru - October 2007

We hiked on stones layed hundreds of years ago by the Incas — who left behind feats of mind-blowing architecture, but no written records to explain them. But who needs writing anyway? The Inca language, Quechua, is still spoken throughout South America, and the Inca legacy remains a source of pride for Peru and a magnet for tourists.

My brother Gerritt and I took a far-too-short trip to the cities of Lima and Cusco, then hiked the Inca Trail over four days to the mountain-top ruins at Machu Picchu. You just have to go see it. Until then, I hope you'll enjoy these six pages of pictures, videos and notes from our trip.

— Daryl

1. Lima (start here)
2. Cusco
3. The Inca Trail
4. Machu Picchu
5. Aguas Calientes
6. Recommendations

Also, don't miss Gerritt's Flickr page and his slide shows from Lima and Cusco and The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu.

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