North! To Minnesota! Dogsledding with the Penn State Outing Club. March 3-13, 2000. Photographs and journal entries by Daryl Lang

This site follows the journey of ten Penn State students from State College, PA to Ely, MN for a spring break dogsledding adventure. We spent several days on a trip run through the Wintergreen Dogsledding Lodge. This site contains selected journal entries and pictures I collected on the trip. You can send me feedback at or through my home page. Enjoy!

— Daryl Lang, March 15, 2000

    Portraits and profiles of the trip's personalities (sorry it takes so long to load!)
  • DAY 1
    From Pennsylvania to Minneapolis
  • DAY 2
    Are there wolves in Ely?
  • DAY 3
    Meet the dogs
  • DAY 4
    Introduction to Wintergreen
  • DAY 5
    A dip in the ice hole
  • DAY 6
    At last: on the sleds
  • DAY 7
    Sledding continues
  • DAY 8
    The portage back to Wintergreen
  • DAY 9
    Back to Pennsylvania, and some final thoughts